Do you like free things?

@nomsyd (69)
April 1, 2008 7:51am CST
since i started my internet money hunting i have always looked for free things. could that be the reason i have not earned much. but some say that work at home jobs who charge a fee are scam and i dont have much to throw do i get geniun jobs
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@munhozmib (3856)
• Sao Paulo, Brazil
1 Apr 08
Hello, Nomsyd. Actually, everybody seems to like free things. After all, you don't need to sacrifice your money for them. For example, here in myLot. All you need is time and dedication. But there is an old saying which says that free things are not really good. I can't remember the saying, but the message it passed was that. In other words, you can only make a little ammount of money at free things, unless you really dedicate yourself. When I started searching websites which would give me some return (in money), I didn't have a cent at Paypal. Of course I wasn't going to join a website which required a fee! I had no money to pay for them. I just believe that, if it's free, enjoy the chance. Use it while you can, because at some time in the future it can require a fee. Respectfully, Munhozmib.
@nomsyd (69)
• Nigeria
1 Apr 08
so what happened to you, did you make some money cos at now i have no coins in my paypal.what did you do in ur own time so i can make a head way.
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• China
3 Apr 08
yeah they are very sweet!
@BYOLA2871 (4373)
• South Africa
2 Apr 08
well,everyone will always like free things though some will deny it,but i need to tell you that anything that is free will eventually cost you something as there is really nothing that is free in life.i agree that some say they are giving out some things but someone somewhere must be paying for it,as for work at home jobs you need to be careful about them ,some (few)are genuine but caution must be exercised,stick to the few free ones and learn the rope s then keep your eyes wide open and you will come across genuine ones,there isa site i got an offer recently,check it out,its