Anime Philsosphy: The King and his horse

April 1, 2008 8:16am CST
This interesting bit of philosophy had come straight out from a Japanese anime, Bleach episode 125 to be exact. It seem a little laughable, even silly, when I first watched it, little did I know that the weight of its truth would hit me today with a vengeance. For those who have not watched this episode, and somehow refuse too, the plot involves the main character's inner struggle. The refreshing twist to this, otherwise over-used and slightly corny, story is that the director does not portray one's darker side as something to get rid off. Instead, he talks about how the one must conquer and use it. Like a King and his horse, if you lose your will to control and command your horse, it will throw you to the ground and crush you. I got a little crushed today, but only because I got too comfortable. Embarrassing to know that after riding my anger for so long, it would catch me open like this. *blush*
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• Philippines
1 Apr 08
lol. yeah, i like the irony of it too. if i remember correctly it was the scene where Ichigo was fighting his inner and darker self right?? it was the dark Ichigo who said that phrase and got Ichigo head-on. lol. what happened? does it struck you twice?
@shogun49 (437)
• United States
1 Apr 08
I agree with the Director, it better to change "poison into medicine". Thanks.