My new puppy.

@shymurl (2768)
United States
April 1, 2008 9:12am CST
I just got a new puppy yesterday. She is 7 weeks old. I also have a 12 year old dog that doesn't mind the new puppy and I have a dog thats 1 1/2 years old. She on the other hand doesn't like the new puppy. At first I thought they were playing but she really attacked her. Was hurting the puppy. What do I do?? Do I just let it be and they will soon work it out?? or what??
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@gina2008 (248)
1 Apr 08
Hmm. In my experience it should be fine. It may take a couple of days. My best advice to you is to let them work it out themselves. There maybe some barking and rough housing. But this is normal as long as they are not hurting each other. For me it was scary at first. I thought they were going to hurt each other. After a few days, they were sleeping on each other!
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1 Apr 08
I'm going to guess that your 1 1/2 year old is the "alpha" dog. Whenever we have more than one dog in the home we'll get one that is the alpha and one (or more) that is submissive. Your alpha is going to make sure that this new puppy knows who's boss! Things may look and sound pretty bad, with a lot of snarling and snapping, but this is completely normal. You DO NOT want to get in the middle becuse this can actually make matters worse and create more stress between your pets. You do have to make a judgement call though because you know better than anyone what's going on in your home. If your two older dogs have always gotten along then you'll probably be fine but I would definitely keep a close eye on things to make sure they don't turn vicious. A typical thing that will happen is your alpha will bite the puppy on the neck, hold it down, and growl. She's doing this to let the puppy know what behaviour is acceptable and what is not. You can actually mimic this behaviour using your hands and saying the word "no". When the puppy submits make sure you let it know it's a good boy or girl in a relaxed tone of voice. The trick to this exercise is to do it for as long as it takes for your puppy to become completely relaxed. If you let it up to soon it will think it won the battle and it will be harder for you to gain its respect in the future. Good luck!
@quatelmon (955)
• United States
1 Apr 08
The best thing to do is to let them work it out on their own WHILE YOU SUPERVISE. Let them work it out on their own. You will know if they are really hurting each other. Just make sure that you give equal attention to all the dogs. It takes a little time sometime for them to work it out, but they should be fine.