April 1, 2008 9:31am CST
Can this world be alive after 100 years? The most severe problem facing WORLD today is Environmental pollution. Many of the people are not showing interest in this problem. Many are thinking that it is an small problem. But, this small problem believing by billions of people is very very large. Slowly this earth start decomposing. When we went into streets, there is a drainage which is very bad smelling. When we go into a Road, there is both air and sound pollution. Now, the people are starting to close their nose whenever they have got into a road. Can this people survive after 100 years. Can we imagine a world without us. It is the time, atleast, we have to response to this forthcoming threat. The people are only responsible to this threat. It is the choice of people either to destroy or to ESTABLISH the present world.
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@ladysakurax (1163)
• Canada
2 Apr 08
Here in Canada, we do our best to recycle and help the nevironment. Each house has a blue bin and we put all boxes, papers, platics, or any material that can be recycled and employers comes to pick up the stuff every week. There are a recycle can as well in the subway for newspaper and now the subways and busses have expanded considerably so we don't have to use the car that much. There is also a type of lightbulb which requires less energy and last longer than regular ones. I believe these are little actions that helps alot. I am a person who's on the side of saving nature and i get easily frustrated to see that some people throw their newspaper in the garbage rather than the place deisgned to it. Some people are just ignorant and I think the government should be more severe about this and give tickets to people who don't respect these. I hope all countries will follow these gestures as it helps the environment.
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