How often do you shop?

United States
April 1, 2008 8:08pm CST
Well shopping is a part of life,no matter what your shopping for,clothes,food,household products,toys,electronics.I might go shopping 2-4 times per week,What is your shopping habits,how many times do you go shopping per week?
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@bowtieguy (5930)
• United States
7 Apr 08
Besides groceries I go shopping only 3-4 times a month, sometimes more around the holidays or during a good sale.
@nicholejade (2430)
• Canada
2 Apr 08
I am a shop-a-holic. I love everything about it. I wish that I could shop more but I do get tired pretty quickly and it doesn't pay me to do more than I should. I can shop everyday. I do go to a store or two everyday just to get some exercise and keep myself some what mobile. I do alot of online shopping as well. I would say I go shopping about 5 days a week. I take the weekends off.
@NCgirl (488)
• Philippines
2 Apr 08
I agree with bubbly, us women will never get tired of shopping. As for me, I could stay at one store for 3-4 hours straight just looking around for something I want. I always go for shoes and books and household grocery. I'm a shoe person. And I usually go shop for once a week with my mom-in-law. I usually shop for myselft once a month, but with my buy-n-sell business, it requires me to run 2x a week to get something to sell. It's fun, it's something I enjoy doing and never would get tired of.
@bubblyapple (2655)
• Philippines
2 Apr 08
shopping is a habit that most women never get tired of. it is something that helps us relax. well, i think for most women that is. i know one or two women friends who are not into shopping. i love to shop! mostly clothes and then shoes and then accesories...okay, all that pertains to personal things.... but i don't go shopping several times a week... the most i would do probably is twice a week on weekends, saturday and sunday.... i just don't think i have enough energy to go shopping after work hours.... shopping should be taken leisurely and not in a hurry. that is my main reason why i don't shop after office hours...after work, you're tired and just want to rest and lie down on your i don't think you'll be able to put so much thought on what you are suppose to buy.... so everytime i need to go shopping, i allot a special time for it...that way, i will be able to buy something that i really liked without hurrying and just enjoying the whole deal....