April 1, 2008 8:54pm CST
i can catch ?2,800 monthly BUT it sitll cannot meet my demand! WHERE DID HE GONE? i have to offer my yonger sister's TUITION FEE,?10,000 in this coming Sep... i have to REPAY A DEBT to my 3 friends,Daizy&Awin&Xi,?4,400... i have to save DEPOSIT monthly to offer my life... i have to send money back my parents yearly or in special festival... i want to rent a house but not stay in factory... i want to get a laptop... i want to buy many beautiful clothes in this coming spring and summer..... .... many things i have to do and want to do! BUT my money is DISSATISFACTORY!i'm crazy about it!
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• Malaysia
2 Apr 08
wow.. how did you eaern 2,800 every month? IS that in USD? And all are those from online money making opportunities? Or just your real life salary? If you are interested, do check my profile for some online money making opportunities. =)
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@ch88ss (2270)
• United States
2 Apr 08
That is a cute picture. I visited your profile and see a lot of links to other sites. thanks for sharing that. I will spend some time signing up and making some money. Thanks and wish me luck.
• China
3 Apr 08
WOW!what a CRAZY earning if USD!unluckily,it's's my monthly pay.surely it's not a great level BUT never in the bottom line.i can say it's okay but NOT satisfied!!!NOT enough!!!i think i can catch more!thanks for your suggestions anyway.i'll try if i'm free.