Feedback on AP tourism

April 2, 2008 12:16am CST
AP tourism is a waste of money and time. If you go with them you are gonna be losing money and comfort for sure. Now I have two very bad experiences with AP tourism thats why i am saying that. 1. I stayed at ap tourism hotel in vijaywada in my trip. I paid 2500 for a room which is sort of on the expensive side but thats the only posh thing they have. their room sucks and their service and food is horrible and designed to get you killed. I visited a hotel which is swarna hotel also which i had happen to visit later on and i could see the difference and an ac room with them was only 1500. Food was excellent with them and service was also good. Needless to say i came out of the AP tourism hotel and never took a room with them again. 2. I used AP tourism boat trip in Rajamundry for papikonda trip and it was a big big mistake. a) First of all they will treat you like beggars when you want the ticket, its a big line no place to stand but road which is horrible and then after you get the ticket you are gonna go on a real ride. They forced me buy transport from them. b) I had a nice air conditioned car but i have to use their crappy broken car and pay them excessively for using that. And this is just the beginning. Everywhere you can see that they will take your money and will fool you this company is run by beaurocrats who are bas****s by defination. They will take your money and make you feel horrible. They will sit in AC themselves but wont arrange for even a fan for you. Now let me continue my story. I then went on the boat when it finally arrived. I saw other private boats which were charging less and were neat clean and air conditioned. Now the AP tourism boat came at last. The boat was ok. and looked good from outside but from inside the story is horrible. c) it gets hot in afternoon in Andhra sun is very strong and there were so many people in the boat. The boat's engine was horrible it would make a ton of noise and cause so much pollution, I wonder if there are any pollution checks for them. And while you are in the boat you will surely get a headache before you come down due to noise and pollution and heat. Now there were ac's in the boat but they were not turned on. There were two fans which were working. I have photos of everything in case you are interested. I turned on of AC on and sat there. As soon as the boat employees noticed it they had to turn it on for obvious reasons of making the customers feel like horrible and the fun thing is none of the morons in the boat complained while there were like twenty people who came to enjoy the AC. Now i was looking for friends who will help me get the AC back on. After talking to a lot of people i found one and it was enough both of us would turn the AC back on now and i am very happy to say that it was on for almost whole of the trip and a lot of other people enjoyed the AC. d) "The food". The food was pathetic it was good that we took some packaged food with us and we were able to survive. There was no cold water on the boat even though it was so hot. They were selling cold drinks on the boat for Rs 13 MRP9-10 well good the government is the first person breaking the law to make money by screwing up the people. Its interesting they had a cooling machine for cold drinks but nothing for water. you have to drink water which gets hot in the heat because The cooling machine for water was broken. e) "Hazard to your life". Now this is the hardest one to believe I wont take kids or older people on the boat due to this. The boat will stop at a couple of places and in order for you to go on the boat or come down what needs to be done is hilarious. These guys will put a wooden plank which is about 6 inches wide and you have to walk on it to go back and forth now this is ok for people who are young and strong but not for anyone else and even for them sometimes the slope will be too much because the boat is high its very dangerous. You have to risk your life i would be surprised if no falls from it each month. I have also posted this on, your comments are welcome
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