do you believe advertisement?

April 2, 2008 6:58am CST
well , I suddenly realize advertisement influence my shopping preference in a quite weird manner. when I myself is the target of a certain commercial, no matter how amazing the product seems like, how necessary it seems like to make my life happy, or how magic it is that, say, I can immediately be as slim as the model in the commercial, my skin can immediately be as perfect as the superstar's in the commercial, as long as I am equipped with the product, I simplely do not believe it , let it go. while I prefer to take my friends' experience as reference or search more detailed information on the internet . however, whenever I came across a commercial claiming a particular product can make my family or my friends ' life better, for instance , an physical instruments claiming drop blood pressure down for seniors, I subconsciously choose to believe it, specially , when some seniors suffering from high blood pressure ( maybe in fact,they are actors) say for themselves to prove the instruments' efficiency . I really wish my grandparents would be as healthy as them, so I believe the commerical. it is really weird, how came I lose logic sometimes? or most successful advertisement take advantage of human being' desire to be like the guy in the commercial? what is your opinion??????
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