Do you buy second hand things?

April 2, 2008 8:47am CST
Yes, I can't deny that here. I do buy second hand things but first of all, I have to make sure that what I am buying is still worth what I am paying. That thing can still be use and have the quality. I also request on the spot testing and if possible, I ask all the necessary questions regarding the products. Be it electrical gadgets, clothing, bags, or accessories, I am very meticulous and chose what I really need not because of its attractive pricing but because of its importance.
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@GhostCat (313)
• United States
2 Apr 08
Yes, I frequently buy second hand, partially because of price and partially because we need to stop throwing things away. I too try to be very careful with what I buy and try to make sure that it is worth the price that I pay for the item. I have successfully purchased DVDs, Video tapes (remember them?), the occasional CD, electrical appliances, towels, sheets, clothes, etc. The only thing I have had problems with and will probably never again purchase used are computers I have purchased 3 used computers and 2 of them have broken within the 1st month that after the purchase and were not repairable. I have decided that it is just not worth it. But almost anything else. And of course, I think most of us have purchased used cars.
@fizzytom (759)
• Maribor, Slovenia
2 Apr 08
I buy lots of second hand books and sometimes second hand clothes. It's only partly to save money.As a society we need to learn to make things last longer and not to buy so much stuff. If I can give a new life to something rather than it be thrown away I think this is a positive thing. Childrens things are a good example - because children grow so quickly their clothes are still in good condition by the time the child has putgrown them so it makes sense to pass them on to somebody else. Toys and computer games are also good items to buy second hand.