what is daily life?

April 2, 2008 9:00am CST
well, right now, I am preparing a paper focusing on ----history's influence on daily life. quite easy, ha, at the first glimpse, but then I was confused by the scope of daily life. to be more accurate , I can not find out any individual event or something likewise that , absolutely and undoubtedly out of the domain of daily life. the cutting-edge technology or science , seems like there is a far cry from my 'daily life’,since I have even no idear what is happening in that areas, but at a second thought, seems that is not the case. although I do not understand these underlying knowledge , my life is indeed repleted with various technical instruments -----the application of cutting -edge science, and I believe so is yours. or the procedure of establishing diplomatic policy or other international regulations? seems like again. however, negative again. bad policy may effect exportation and importation, and the following fluctuating price of everything needed for my daily life, internation affairs? considering terrorism, anything has a stronger tie with my daily life? it is really a issue of live or die!!!!! so what is a daily life ?? what do you think???
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