Being Caused of the Flight Delay..

April 2, 2008 9:19am CST
Im wondering if any of you here experienced being the last person to enter the plane and caused of the flight delay? I remembered one time when I was on a business trip with a colleague in Manila. I and my colleague did some last minute shopping on our last day in Manila before our flight schedule going back to Cebu. We decided to split up and we will just meet either at the hotel or airport. We left our luggages at hotel's concierge. I finished earlier, picked up my luggages and headed towards the airport one and half hour before our departure. I did check in my luggages and waited for my colleague to arrive. 15 minutes before the departure she called me and said the cab she was riding was about to enter the airport. I waited for her though I can hear my name being page. I had no choice when I had only 10minutes but to run and leave her. OMG! I was wearing a 2 and half stilleto and carrying my laptop, running as fast as I can towards where the plane was located. People were staring at me. Luckily I arrived a minute before the plane closed the door. Dont dare try it, because when i entered the plane all passengers were glaring at me. They were so mad because I caused the delayed of the flight. When I reached my seat, I tried to hide.. Such a shameful situation Im in.
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@gcrew931 (230)
• Philippines
15 Apr 08
It has happened to me. I was really late because I lost an attached Visa. What the airline did was it sold my seat to another person. This was illegal so I sued the airline. But what I like about it is they paid me to stop the lawsuit and even gave me an open ticket. I can use it to anywhere I wanted to go. Hence, I toured europe for free!
• Philippines
17 Apr 08
Unlucky things do turned out lucky in the end.. I envy you, you toured Europe for free Its always been my dream to tour europe. I might go to Paris this summer, hope things will turn out okay (cross finger).. Thanks for responding gcrew
@winterose (39916)
• Canada
4 Apr 08
thank you so much for you story but no that never happened to me, because I always was the one to get the airport an hour before departure, I would always be afraid that the plane would leave without me.
• Philippines
17 Apr 08
Yeah I always do that and actually I was an hour earlier. Its just that I was waiting for my colleague. I checked in but I was still in the waiting area. Thanks for responding winterose.