what is the effect of movies on youth?

April 2, 2008 10:51am CST
Personally i feel movies some bad and good impact on youth. Its major entertainment and relax time from tensions at the same time it is intiating some bad thought which are harmful to our society what is your openion?
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@RajPadma (73)
• India
2 Apr 08
Hai Friend, it is obsolutely correct, the movies are def'ly impact on youth because now a days youth are becoming the followers of Hero, if he does good in the movie then they follow as he, other wise vise-versa. why if you consider T.V serials, so many incidents happening in the society by seeing the Movies/Serials only, if you take an example of any married women murder by her husband or in-laws who ever may be looks like any one of the serial or movie story. Even if you take any harassment, theft cases etc., they show in the serial or movie it impact more because house wife, inlaws will see very interestingly and digest the bad things very fast(as the human tendency) and act accordingly. Finally I tell you my friend that now a days people are sophisticated with lot of good technology and having sharp brains are not using them for a good thing OR for the development of the society, they are thinking about them selves only not even for his/her neighbour. These sharp brains are sharply working on cheating, they are running behind the money and searching for earn easy money. So, my sincere request to all the Directors / Story Writers who make serials OR Movies that please do not show any thing in their stories that will halm the society / youth, and if possible show the morals which may help the society. Bye,
• India
2 Feb 10
Dear Raj Padam, i agree wid u. Our society having gr8 influence of movies & this impact unfortunately going bad on our youth & society. we have sharp brain that has totally fixed in earning money in anyway along with mind dulling entertainment. Movies usually shows unrealistic things except some cases. for example: after successful running of "Terey Nam" movie that had very intense emotional feelings describing love.I let u know that 80% youth were disastrous effected by this movie & did all the same task done by Salman Khan in that movie.They were looks like salman khan, communicate like salman khan & most interestingly some of them were totally distroyed theirs life for grls.........Now what i tell dear, my anger grows up to those cheap film maker who hot theirs pocket by ruining the future of youth.I request u all those who read my this note that please know the real heroes....like Swami Vivekanand whose voice should eco in every youth's ear -"ARISE, AWAKE & STOP NOT TILL THE GOAL YOU REACHED."
@MGjhaud (20742)
• Philippines
2 Apr 08
Although the resources of movies these days is so easy without paying too much like you have when you go to cinemas but lots of youngsters still pay for it because it's really nice watching it on a bigger screen. People tend to communicate through movies, they make fun of the snappy lines, funny characters and the scenes. Movies can sometimes influence people on the things they do relating it to the movies they have watched adn sometimes in a bad way. And that's scary but that's rare cases I guess.