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April 2, 2008 11:38am CST
Does anyone here listen to music by Voltaire? I love the use of violins, cellos, the energetic drums, and of course his voice and lyrics are absolutely amazing. I'm intending to go see him this May when he's rounding out his Maiden Voyage tour with a few friends. If you haven't listened to him or even heard of him, what do you prefer instead?
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19 May 08
i have actually never heard of voltaire, is it more of a classical sound or how would you describe it.
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19 May 08
he is a goth singer hhhmmmm cant really describe him but he is a "Gothic Renaissance man with Gypsy pirate band" you should go check him out here is his myspace: http://www.myspace.com/voltairenyc and his website www.voltaire.net He is a nice guy I talk to him a lot actualy...
@Bionicman (3967)
• Czech Republic
13 Apr 08
I just recently started listening to him. I first found about Voltaire when I got "Where's Neil when you need him?", a tribute CD to Neil Gaiman's work which contains a song by Voltaire. Now I've downloaded full discography but I've only listened Boo hoo so far. It's pretty cool
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14 Apr 08
I think Boo Hoo & Almost Human are my favorites, but I haven't listened to the newer albums as much as I have the older ones, so maybe that's why I'm slightly biased. :P That's really neat, though. I didn't know that he had done a Neil tribute song. I knew about the Star Trek tracks, (on 'Banned on Vulcan') but I wasn't aware of that particular song. You learn something new every day, I guess. :P Thanks for sharing.
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• Canada
2 Apr 08
I love Voltaire, he's simply hilarious. I think Ex Lover's Lovers is probably one of my favourite songs. It always puts me in such a feel good mood LOL. The violins and cellos are lovely too.
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3 Apr 08
Oh yeah, Ex Lover's Lovers is definitely a feel good song. I also really like 'Dunce' though. 'It's hard to speak with both feet in my mouth' That always paints an interesting mental image. Then again, I also like 'The Man Upstairs.' I like everything. I haven't gotten to listen to Ooky Spooky [I think it's the title] yet, and since I'm not sure if tunes from that will be played, I'll have to catch up before I go. (I went to a show once where the band played a song that I really liked, that's now one of my favorites. It seems like it would be better to have him 'play my favorite song' than to have him play a song that I later find out is my favorite. :P)
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28 May 08
I love Voltaire! I actually saw him on the tour prior to Maiden Voyage, though I had met him at Dragon*Con a few years ago. We went to the show on the Maiden Voyage tour, but I was not feeling well so we only saw the opening band (Ego Likeness, who are a wonderful band and great people too!).