Rambo 4

April 2, 2008 11:53am CST
Is Rambo 4 the most violent movie ever made? Stallone says it is. what are you views? i went to see it and it is pretty damn violent! apparently the statistics are that there's a death every 2.8 seconds or something! thats crazy, iv seen some violent films in my time but there are many more out there. Whats the most violent movie you've ever watched?
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@paulsy (1264)
• Philippines
2 Apr 08
I agree that it is a really violent movie. The killing scenes made my tummy turn upside down! Another violent movie I've seen is the recent Saw movie. Have you seen that movie? It also has lots of violence in it. I can't even watch these kinds of movies alone!
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3 Apr 08
Yeah ive seen all the saw movies. Your right there are some pretty violent scenes in that! Its just torture really isn't it!
• India
3 Apr 08
please go and poll in the discussion i started
• India
3 Apr 08
I think its not that violent film.It is indeed a good film but people say they expect something new from stallone.Everytime someone challenges rambo or rocky and there comes a movie .But i like them the best. I will say that the most violent movie would be saw series taken up indivisually