WORLD AUTISM AWARENESS DAY: Share Your thoughts on what you've seen

United States
April 2, 2008 12:06pm CST
I watch CNN, and all day they will be having coverage on different families who have someone in their lives who is Autistic and I personally love that their doing this. I was just about to read Jenny McCarthy's book, "Louder Than Words' about her son, so it was great to see these stories. It hurts to see the lack of help, health insurance traditionally does not cover autism, but these kids obviously have very unique characteristics and are SMART, its almost like their stuck inside themselves and just need help out and they thrive. I once rode a city bus and a woman told me about her experience driving for autistic kids and she loved them so much and told me about all their personalities and how special they were. I encourage all of you to watch whatever coverage you can see. 11pm: A documentary about a girl name Amanda, very unique story Jenny McCarthy on Larry King Live (Check Listings) All coverage: (email: Videos online at What do you think, is autism caused by Vaccines? (Note mercury has been taken from vaccines, but flu vaccine still has mercury in it, and you have a CHOICE, do not be pressured if you do not feel ready, do your homework) Did you learn anything suprising to you on tv today about autism. Share whatever.
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