Have you ever seen a ghost?

@busybea (930)
United States
October 31, 2006 1:21pm CST
My grandmother used to run a foster home in Galveston, TX. You may remember that Galveston, in the early 1900's, was hit by a terrible hurrican that all but sank the island and it's residents. Thousands of people died in that horrible flood as the Gulf of Mexico swept onto much of the island, and for months after, those that were left had to gather dead bodies from beneath the rubble. Death and the smell of rotten flesh filled the air and the bodies were sent out to sea on a barge to be burned. Still the ocean winds would bring the foul odor back to the people of the island and they would know the deed was being done. My grandmother ran a foster home called the Lasker Home. I saw many ghosts while I stayed here overnight, and my grandmother had her favorites, that would sit with her as she would read. You could literally see an empty rocking chair moving steadily back and forth as you sat next to my grandmother on her bed while she read. I remember it clearly to this day. During the night, I would hear someone ascending the stairs, but they would never get to the top, where my room was. I would watch with fear, laying under my covers shivering with the anticipation of the sight of the ghost. Still, they never showed. Do you have any ghost stories to share. Today is the day. Happy Halloween!!!
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• Kuwait
5 Jan 07
no,not yet and thanks God i didnt seen anyone of them, i dont like it,but i feel sometimes, i have one friend that has picture captured with a ghost on her back..dont know what to on that..it happened when we are chatting in the internet and she like capturing herself on the webcam but one of photos has the ghost on the back,,
• Italy
31 Oct 06
no, fortunately... :-)