Could Bush start a war against Iran? Why and why not?

April 2, 2008 6:29pm CST
Try to be as objective as possible, with more real arguments than personal prejudices. Just tolerate and friendly discuss each opinions.
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• United States
3 Apr 08
I doubt. First, Iran is an Islamic superpower. Along with Saudi and Libya, Iran is one of the most prosperous Islamic country which wields enough influence for the other little Islamic states to defend it. You bet, go to war with Iran, you have a whole pack of countries in the Middle East - inlcude as far as Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia to it - either sympathizing with, or joining Iran's defense. Second, no one knows how much nuclear power Iran holds right now. US has been in constant animosity with Iran over its production of nuclear weapons. No one checks Iran's compliance with UN measures to curb production of weapon for nuclear warfare. US may be flirting with real threat if it decides to go to war with Iran. US cannot play a superpower as much as it wants to prod itself with. Third, there are no mitigating circumstance to push for a war with Iran at this point in time. US would not want to do another Iraq by fabricating mitigating circumstances to justify going to war. Even UN, if US would decide to engage war with Iran, would definitely call for the inappropriateness of going to a war without a sufficiently convicing reason to proceed to it. That, despite Iran's notorious image as non-compli-er in UN's demands regarding their nuclear warfares. Fourth, US may not afford to go to war with Iraq most definitely nowadays when its economy is in an uninspiring condition. The jaw-dropping, record-breaking prices of oil is here. To go to Iran would even aggress the Islamic nations - which produces most of the world's stock of oil - and it will surely affect their oil production. Surely, US cannot afford a drastic increase in oil prices in a time when it is hurting from an economy on the rocks.
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• Mexico
13 Apr 08
That's the biggest draw-back of the Iraq invasion. I believe that Iran is definitely a serious threat for the West (precisely because of its power, and its fundamentalism)and I believe that sooner or later SOMEBODY has to stop their nuclear program with military might. But, after Iraq, who is going to believe a US government that sees itself and its European allies confronted with a nuclear first-strike capability and bombs that sooner or later might reach London and Paris? Nuclear proliferation is a threat, but nuclear proliferation in fundamentalist muslim countries is a menace.
• Singapore
4 Apr 08
I don't know for sure if President Bush will start a war in Iran or not, but I am worried that he will. I know about some prophecies that include Iran, and in my opinion and gut feeling-Iran war could be immenent.