RECYCLING, the best choice for our environment

United States
April 2, 2008 8:09pm CST
We are to consider recycling. If we recycle stuff instead of trash, we are on our way to saving the environment. The more recycling we do, the best way to save $, cut down on trash, and so many others. So there is less possibility of landfill and incineration. So recycling enables old stuff to made into new products. I have been into this ever since I have learned about it. There are recycling centers in the area that accepts certain stuff. Everyone should recycle. Even businesses should, like hospitals, schools, colleges, stores, industries, ect. Everything should be recycled, like paper, cardboard, paperboard, plastics, metals, and so much more. Now that we know that there is trash everywhere, which is horrible. We should separate recyclables from non-recyclables that are regular trash. Whenever it comes to mixed paper, not including newspaper, it should be shredded, using a shredder. I use my shredder to shred all that unwanted paper, like junk mail. Shredders are used to protect identity. Whenever it comes to containers and bottles, they all oughtta be rinsed. All plastics to be sorted by code number. By the way, everyone call me "RECYCLE MICHAEL!" We want our Earth to become clean and GREEN! There are reusable resources. It is a lot better to buy recycled materials. Even all sorts of batteries should be recycled; sorted by whatever indicated. So, the more you recycle, the less and less trash you will have to deal with at home. GET TO IT!!!
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@sherrir101 (3670)
• United States
3 Apr 08
We don't have alot of room to do much recycling. We do recycle newpapers and aluminum cans though. Everyone makes fun of me for 'trying' to be GREEN. LOL I am trying though.
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• United States
3 Apr 08
Oh. They pick on you because your place is trying to become green; meaning clean. I know that you do not have enough space for recyclables. Well, just keep on trying. We are all trying to cut down on trash that are to be landfilled or incinerated.
@whiteheron (4223)
• United States
8 Apr 08
I totally agree with you that recycling is a good idea and, even more, believe that products should be made to be dependable and reliable so that they do not wear out or have to be replaced as all of the junked products that break down and are too expensive to repair and easier to replace are weighing down the landfills. There also needs to be less of a consumer economy... It is sad that people feel better about what goods they can purchase than they do about what goods that they can create and make for themselves. I recycle but am often left with the knowledge that this effort is not good enough to insure the survival of our species, and of the world as we know it, with all of the land masses intact. And it is going to take even more effort to insure that all people have access to clean air, clean water, and enough food to eat. It is going to take a change of attitude and a valuing of our natural resources and of the Earth and all that is on it as a whole, not just from an economic standpoint alone but from a spiritual, enviromental and health perspective as well.