Good v.s. Evil

April 2, 2008 10:02pm CST
It is strange... how something can be gone like it never existed at all. A belief, a situation, a person, a feeling, all in time can vanish like a spell was cast on it. I am currently not as young as i used to be. I realized that when we grow up, most of the things that we thought that has to be were just things that had to be. A belief that had to be taught because once you're alone out there, it is always easier to do otherwise. What happened to the basic things that were supposed to be? When I was younger I lived in a world where everything should be proper. A world where the wrong was punished and the good deeds were rewarded. I enjoyed being in it because it was fair, just, comfortable, and most importantly safe. Most people who really knew me have accused me at one time or another as being naive and or judgmental. They ask me where I have been in this lifetime not to have seen that it is just how things are, were and ever will be. Just when I was about to start to believe the world is not really as fair as I thought it was, I realized that it is not so. I was just impatient. The world takes action. It does punish the bad and reward the good. And so to all those naive people out there. Beware of what you give out. you might just get what you deserve.
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