How many times you pee pee in a day?

April 3, 2008 1:55am CST
I always pee from time to time. Average is 10 to 15 times a day. How about you? I pee almost every two hours especially if I drink a lot of water.
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@kirei24 (252)
• Philippines
3 Mar 09
in a day i pee 10 or more times. sometimes i lost counts :)
7 Jan 10
i have recentley started peeing alot during the day i went to the pee 10 times in 2 hours is this normal? :S
@vishkris (205)
• India
6 Feb 09
i applause u r creativity...this discussion u started is dam nice..i usually pee to about8-10times a depends for me on wheater..if the weather is cold i usually pee 15 times..but normally in hot days 8 to 10 times
• United States
4 Feb 09
i only pee twice a day=P
• Greece
3 Apr 08
This period i am in a diet and i drink a lot of water so i go to the toilet almost 4-5 times at 1 hour what means that i go 50 times at a day! I know it is very much but what i can do? Hahahahha
@mic_tcs (264)
• Malaysia
3 Apr 08
In a day, I usually pee 10-15 times. I also drink lots of water in a day. Actually we need to pee frequently in a day because if we didn't pee for a long time, the waste inside our body which is supposed to be cleared out, will be absorbed again into our body. This is what I read from an article some times ago. That's why I'll keep reminding myself to go to toilet frequently.
• China
3 Apr 08
Ha... this question is so interesting. I have no statistics, I think the number is more than 5 times. That depend on the amount of drinking water.
@answermj (14)
• China
3 Apr 08
Yes,that depends how much water you drink. Sports also do effect.
@arjun999 (1005)
• India
3 Apr 08
I think i go around 8-10 times a day. I too drink a lot of water.