Read a Lot!

reading - reading books
@ana3173 (420)
April 3, 2008 2:12am CST
You can Never go wrong with reading good books. Aside from reading your textbooks, it is always a plus factor for you to read other books. You cannot find all the information you need in one or two books.Discover more knowledge from different titles. The school library is always a good source of rich reading materials. Ask your librarian to assist you with the titles that may be of help to your studies. Avail of a book for your home reading. Know your interest: fiction, biography, history, literature, poetry, science, or mathematics. Don't laugh at anybody if you see them engrossed in reading romance novels, detective stories, or storybooks. These can actually increase their vocabulary. There's more to these books than meets the eye; what is essential is the knowledge and wisdom you'll get in reading wholesome, informative,and highly enjoyable books. You can also read other reading materials like magazines, journals, newspapers, literary folio, and others.
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