how to not be a victim of bullying,perverts,people who won't take no for an answ

@bond0077 (375)
April 4, 2008 12:36am CST
When you get to the root cause of a bully,a very human being that once was reappears.This is a person who may have as a child,been molested,abused mentally or physically by his or her parents,father,mother,older brother or a family friend!Bullies 9 times out of 10 were once bullied,abused victims themselves so this a learnt beheavior!when i see a bully i see a very scared little child inside,trying to regain so control that he or she once had but had it violently taken away from them and now are doomed to repeat the same crime upon someone who reminds them of themselves prior to becoming this out of control monster!their lost of self esteem is like a void that cannot be filled except by the control they feel they have over a unsuspecting victim,the fear they see they have created in this weaker victim is like alcohol to an alcoholic,it would take a lifetime for a bully to truely comprehend what makes him do what he does and even then,change is still hard even with the perp's wanting it,but it starts with acknowledging you are a bully!imagine a young child being abused by his father ,who is suppose to give him safety,love,self confidence and affection!this lonely child who only knows fear and pain!and worse what he is now being thought to do to others,such a person will learn to hate the sight or even the smell of fear at first glance!sickened by it!for one thing it reminds him of his now former self therefore he must make a man out of someone he feels will become just like him,so thus the bullying process begins!think of it as a ex-alcoholic now hating drinkers or ex-smoker hating smokers!The sad truth however is that a bully truly needs to learn how to love himself or herself first,they also need to learn how to let go of the past,and forgive their past perps for doing what they did to them!because everything we as human beings do in this life,either goes against us or for us!so the only choice we have in this life is one of these two!we can either hurt someone or help them!so since fear is the drug these bullies seek to get their fix!then what is the one solution to being bullied?have no fear or if you can't then atleast show no fear!master your fears!show a very confident person when in public!keep your head up,look people eye to eye when answering them,have relaxed not stiff posture when dealing with someone,bullies can smell fear in your posture,eyes down ,low voice when answering,i have dealt with mant people over the years,i did door to door sales,hair styling,i do know some ju jit su,wing chun,and when i deal with potential or actual bullies they always react the same way,treat them like children they become little children!so i know what i am talking about!bullies,perverts,aggressive people who approach vunerable women ,all have one thing in common:they look for easy victims!i have seen aggressive men just sit down beside certain women and start unwanted come ons and the women or girls just sit there and take it!why?if someone sits besides you in a bus or subway and starts touching you ,why not just stand up and move from your seat?end of story!if a guy starts saying things like "hey baby let you and me go to my place right now" ?etc etc just get up and stand if you have to! because if you continue to set there he thinks you like it!in public if you look like a shy victim you will attract all these types of losers,ignoring people ,hiding from people does not make them leave you alone,it only attracts them even more!confidence will!showing no fear will, not hiding!thank you!
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