April 4, 2008 1:02am CST
We have good family relationships. We are one of those people who have close family ties. When we have vacations my brothers and cousins (all of us are boys) sometimes go to other relatives at a different place to spend our time there and have some fun. When we went to one of our relative, one of our cousin there is somehow a beautiful 16 year old girl. We were related coz their Grandfather is the brother of our Grandfather. One time, I just heard that one of our cousin, 22, (her mom is my mom's sister let's name him peter), that he is having this secret relationship with the girl mentioned above. One of my brothers have seen their conversation thru a text message in his cellphone. My brother said that it is really the girl's number that he saw in the conversation saying sweet things and I remember that my cousin peter telling me that she already have a new girlfriend but she is very young. I was shocked when I learned that it is really true. Two of our cousins are falling for each other. It is really against on our culture and on what we believe that two close relative could have this kind of relationship. I asked the girl but she kept on denying and she's good at it telling me that she would not enter into that kind of relationship coz it is hard and against what we believe. However, it is very obvious that both of them are really having this relationship. I don't know if it's incest or later on it will go there. I am just really sad for this situation and we hoping that they would just break up and stop what they are doing. We dont or cant much right now coz they really hide what they are doing. I dont know what I would do to them. Guess later on they would just be tired of what they are doing and realize that they are wrong and stop. Do you guys have any suggestions on how we could handle this kind of problem?
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@rockvixen (894)
• United States
4 Apr 08
I don't think it's right,but back in the old days this was something that was done. Cousins would marry and have kids and so on. In my family a similar situation to yours happend. My cousin who is a few years older, we'll call her "mary" used to go out with my other cousin, let's call him "gary". They used to go to clubs and they said it was just for fun, but one day we found out they were more than just hanging out, and the relationship was broken up. I always found this to be a bit odd and not right in my eyes.
• Philippines
4 Apr 08
I totaly agree with you and i find it hard to believe at first also knowing that the girl won't really do such a thing but due to a lot of circumstances we found out that they are having a realtionship. I hope they would break up too. If they will break up soon I could keep it secret for them as long as they break up.