do you fear for death?

@qiao522 (449)
April 4, 2008 1:19am CST
are you scared to die? when you cross the street,you will be always overacting to be sure that there is no cars passing? or you have a fear for water,fire,or ghosts that you create in your mind in the night? any other panic? i just realized today that i have a great fear for death,not only myself's but others'. it is really really hard to accept when the dying is your family menber or the one you know pretty much. what about you,guys?
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• Canada
23 Apr 08
have no fear of dying as i have done it 2 times with only the last cardiac arrest giving me insight of the afterlife not totally by partially. it is the most calm, serene place, quiet surrounded by a hidden soft light which gave me a peace i have never felt before or since. upon coming back into ICU (which is totally quiet) sounded like i passed thru a rock crusher for a few moments, then the sound subsided. i believe in the hear after but dont know any more as i only went part way but am looking forward to returning. i sure hope pets are there as mine (3)give me more love than you can count and i hope to have them there with me when it is time.
@nice030481 (1108)
• Philippines
5 Apr 08
now, yes, im pregnant and if im die, my baby will not see the world, and i still want to see my children grow.. i dont want yet to die..
@longbangod (1791)
• Philippines
5 Apr 08
I am afraid to die because of those people I love that will be left, If I live alone i will never be afraid to die, because afterall, when you die, you will be reunited again with God who is the owner of our life.
• United States
4 Apr 08
I am very scared to die. I want to live forever. I'm like you, so much more I want to do with my son. I actually have panic attacks about this. I always say I want to be a vampire so I can live forever.
• Indonesia
4 Apr 08
Yes, there's still lot of things to do before I die. I'm not ready to leave all my stuff..oh..I'm not ready.. I want to live as long as i can...
@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
4 Apr 08
no. i am not afraid to die, i have even thought of what way i want to die to.. not to some violence, not to crimes, not to other things, but i can perhaps accept sickness, or never to wake up again. i would prefer that.