I can't tell them that!

April 4, 2008 2:53am CST
I understand that as readers we must be discreet in our clients readings, but without too much detail, what is the worst thing you have ever had to tell a client. Something that when you saw it you went "god I can't tell them that!" Mine would be a tie between seeing that the woman I was reading for was having an affair, and of course thats what the majority of the read was about, or the woman who wanted to know if her life would change for the better, and the answer was no.... awkward to say the least. Or of course when you see a divorce or a relationship that is doomed to fail but that person isnt ready to aknowledge that yet. What's the worst you've read and any tips on how to tactfully and respectfully deal with it. It goes against my ethics to lie about what I see in a read. Basically if you ask you get the truth but that doesnt make it any easier does it?
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