Favorite Thing From FF9?

United States
April 4, 2008 3:32am CST
I think my favorite thing would be the way you learn your abilities. I like learning abilities through equiping items. That makes it a challenge of getting all the required items to learn every ability in the game. I played FF7 and FF8 before this game and I thought the classes aspect of the game was really strange lol. I prefer the classes though and have tried having characters from FF7 and FF8 have classes. That's a challenge too.
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@Arifeen (17)
• Pakistan
28 Jun 11
I liked the abilities which were associated with a certain items and Treasure hunting :)
@Desmont (80)
• United States
23 Apr 09
My favorite thing would have to be..... the characters... They're all just so memorable, even characters like Blank, Ruby, and Marcus...
• Philippines
7 Nov 08
my favorite thing about FF9 is the Chocobo treasure hunting~. weee~~ I get stuck to a certain quest that all you can see is nothing but ocean and a slight view of a small reef from above. what the h? I almost get all the treasures. I'm too lazy to look for a walkthrough and that's it. I got totally fun with treasure hunting with the chocobos. hehe
• Philippines
20 Sep 08
Hey, I liked the classes too. It was really challenging having only a set number of characters who could do certain abilities. It really needed some strategy. It's been a while since I've played this game but I remember being locked in a place where you can't use any magic with Dagger in my party and so she pretty much stood there, healing allies with a couple of potions for that entire part of the game. So yeah... I played this game twice back then and talking about it really makes me want to play it again. I will go see if my discs still work after this. =)
@reene0225 (352)
• United States
16 Apr 08
I liked a lot of things about it. I liked how you could fly your little plane to different places. Which they do that in other games, but it was the first one I played so I thought it was cool.