How many things you use everyday are made in China?

April 4, 2008 4:42am CST
I just wonder:Can we live without things that made in China? My friend bought me a Sony MP3 in Japan,it is a famous Japanese brand, but when I opened it,there were 3 words on its back:Made in China. Well, I felt so rediculous since I may bought the same one with a cheaper price here rather than in Japan. Actually,there are so many things I use everyday that are made in China.Some gadgets,food,and some of my clothes or shoes...There are quite a lot,and I must admit that some of them are really of high quality as well as reasonable price. So, what about you? Is there anything made in China that you have to use in everyday life?
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• United States
4 Apr 08
Those made in china stickers are ruining the US, but think about it this way. If we stopped importing things from china, those chinese businesses would either loose a TON of business, OR, be forced to move here to the US. Those stickers would be replace with made in america, and our economy would go up. We could "probably" do without the items, but we could certainly do without where they are made.
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@luckycat (220)
• Bolivia
4 Apr 08
I am not very sure.But does it matter.If the things is what we need .where does it come from isn's a matter.
4 Apr 08
It does matter a lot luckycat as the west is so reliant on China now. Our factories have all gone and with that employment for the people here.
• China
9 Apr 08
Since the chinese goods becomes a part of our life, it has its way. Everybody is not a fool. You can choose what you like ,but depend on your earnings. Not everyone has been rich. So the chinese goods become necessary.Using it yourself,do not believe the rumours.
@Foxfire1875 (2011)
4 Apr 08
I try and avoid them as much as possible as I don't agree with the way that China treats Tibet and also it's own citizens. Also there is no quality in the products produced there and some are downright dangerous. I prefer to purchase products made in Britain or Europe to support European workers.