To keep or not to keep my home.

United States
April 4, 2008 5:25am CST
I bought my home in 2003 November 25. We contracted it for 2 years instead of 30 yrs. Hoping our credit would be better in 2 yrs. and refinance, well two weeks before the two years ended we were refinanced the lady said not to worry about a penalty for refinancing two weeks early she been doing this for 20 yrs and can get it waived. Well they charged be almost $6000 penalty and she charged me over $6000 for origenation fee. It was our first time refinancing so we listened to her. Bottom line My note before I refi. was 171,000 after refi. with her 192,000 now another two years have past and we want to refi to get the monthly payment down Because the monthly payment is 2500.00 Before all this crap it was 1200.00 Why do people have no heart? Now no one want to refi us because we owe more than its worth and I have no more money to pay that amount, I want to do things and go places like before but We work all day every day to pay the bank for this house. and my girls suffer. I just want to start over like it was at 1200.00 and have money for my girls in a couple of yrs they will be gone and have nothing to remember except there parents always working and having no time or money for them. .....SAD.....
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