do some women make excuses to get out of breastfeeding?

@tntvdm (186)
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October 31, 2006 2:26pm CST
Like saying their "milk never really came in" etc, after only trying for a few days? I think so.
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15 Dec 06
i think so its not so bad
@sylviekitty (2083)
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14 Dec 06
Sometimes I get really irritated by the things people come up with. I nursed my daughter until she was 9 months, at which point I discovered I was pregnant with my son. I think my milk started changing or something, and I noticed I wasn't producing as much.. so she started to wean. When my son was born, he latched on right away (just like his big Sis had), and he kept going until he was 17 months. The only thing is he had really bad colic, and cried all the time, and my in-laws kept saying maybe my milk was bad. I'd leave him with them and they wouldn't want to feed him my milk because they thought something was wrong with it. UGH. Soon after this one time where this happened, one of my husband's aunts told me that her daugher's son also had colic. And that the pediatrician told her that her milk was bad and that she needed to switch to formula. Ok, wha?! "milk is bad"??? The fact that a doctor is telling women their milk is bad is beyond belief. It's disgusting, really. So this lady stopped nursing immediately and started her kid on formula. Maybe all she needed to do was alter her diet? Or something to that effect? Just rediculous.