omfg wtf crazy 3rd graders

United States
April 4, 2008 10:56am CST
OMFG DID YOU GUYS HEAR ABOUT THE THIRD GRADE CLASS THAT HAD A PLOT TO KILL THIER TEACHER.THEY BOUGHT TO SCHOOL A BROKEN STEAK KNIFE, A ROLL OF DUCT TAPE, HANDCUFFS, RIBBONS, AND A CRYSTAL PAPERWEIGHT(?). APPARENTLY THE TEACHER HAD TOLD ONE OF THE STUDENTS TO STOP STANDING IN A CHAIR AND THEY MADE THE PLOT TO KILL HER. A brave student told authorties about the plan before the school day started and she was saved. 9 children are facing punishment up to long term suspension. what is the world coming to. this is insane *sigh*
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@cher913 (25884)
• Canada
4 Apr 08
i find this so hard to believe that kids this young would be caught up is such a deed...where are their parents? (what is this saying about their parents?) it is so sad that kids feel the need to do this! Man, i remember when i was in grade 3 - things have sure changed from even when my daughters were in grade 3 (they are 11 and 15) - i agree with you, what is this world coming to? hats off to teachers out there!!
• United States
4 Apr 08
Yeah it sucks to know that being a teacher now a days means you have to put your life on the line. im only 19 but back when I was in the third grade none of this stuff ever happened. I would see kids backtalk to the teacher but plotting to kill a teacher is insane. and about the parents.... alot of parents know a days are still kids theirselves so they dont discpline their kids correctly. when I have kids I gurantee they will never do anything like this.