Applying Make-up Like A Pro

United States
April 4, 2008 10:04pm CST
Does Anybody Know Where I May Find Some Tips On How To Apply Make-up Like A Pro? I Know How To Put The Basic Eyeliner, Mascara, Blush & Lipstick, I'm Looking For Ways To Mainly How To Apply Eyeshadow To Make My Eyes Look Sexy, Evening Looks, How To Make Your Eyes Appear Smaller Or Bigger Etc. Like A Pro. Anybody Know?
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@mgarrija (10)
• Malta
5 Apr 08
i would suggest you search on for makeup tutorials. There are some really good ones there that can guide you step by step, and there are a couple of really good makeup artists who show different techniques and also different celebrity inspired looks which you might like to try. Good luck!
@plumwish07 (4060)
• Indonesia
5 Apr 08
i a not sure about in internet but why you don't go to some web addres of your local magazines? sometimes they put articles and tips about how to make up in right way. or you can buy woman magazines or magazines relates with beauty and make up. i am sorry that i can't help you much in this matter dear but please try to search firstly by using search engine, may it help you
• United States
5 Apr 08
Applying Foundation like an Ace Before you grab your foundation in the morning, make sure that you apply a moisturizer – preferably one with a sunscreen. Allow the moisturizer to soak in for at least ten minutes, so that your skin is ready to accept your foundation base. After applying your foundation, rub your palms together to warm them, and then place them on your cheeks. This will allow the foundation to soften and look more like your natural skin tone. Expert Camouflage For a true camouflage effect when it comes to the circles under your eyes, always use a concealing stick that is a shade lighter than your foundation and has a yellow undertone. Don’t simply pat a bit under your eye either; apply your concealer all the way from under your eyelid to the edge of your nose. Eyes with Attitude The best time to grab that eyelash curler is right after you get out of the shower, while your lashes are still warm and pliable. For mascara that will look great and last all day, first apply a coat of volumizing mascara to thicken lashes, and follow up with a coat of lengthening mascara that will keep your lashes in perfect shape for the duration. The Perfect Pucker Before applying lipstick, always begin with sparkling teeth and moisturized lips for the best effect. By using a lip pencil to outline first and then fill the lips in completely, you will ensure that your lipstick doesn’t bleed past your lips, and that you will still have some color once your lipstick fades off. After applying lipstick, place your index finger between your lips and slowly pull away. This will ensure that any loose color comes off on your finger, instead of on your teeth. Work it Backwards To ensure that you don’t overdo the makeup, begin with foundation and follow up with blush and lip color before moving to the eye shadow. You will naturally use less shadow, liner and mascara, because your face will already look made up. Makeup is only as effective as the person who applies it, so make sure yours looks its best by learning how the pro’s put it on. The result will be a face that is positively beautiful.