Pain and Life, What do you think about it?

@cross10 (506)
April 4, 2008 11:46pm CST
People live for pain or people feel pain to live?
4 responses
@yogeshdhusa (2237)
• India
5 Apr 08
i feel pain only come when we do some thign wrong, then only it come to us, People feel pain to live: it only happens when they mess in their life, do something which they cant correct it and feel sorry and then cant forgive themself. the solution is learn from the mistake and start it over again. need to forgive ourself. start learning love to live. :)
@lishiwei (1553)
• China
5 Apr 08
No,you shouldn't think of it like that.If you want you will have a happy life.There is nothing we should be too care.The most important thing is to make ourselves happy.
@RajPadma (73)
• India
5 Apr 08
people will not live for pain, they feel pain when ever expect some thing from a work done by him/her fails. so do not expect when ever you do some work, simply do sincerely & perfectly and try to accept what ever the result, because always we can't expect 100% results for which work done by us, if it happens you become the "Super Power".
@fizanali (478)
• Pakistan
5 Apr 08
I think no one would live for pain though some may feel pain to live but that excludes me!