Whats your favorite Perfume name?

October 31, 2006 2:51pm CST
" Whats your favorite Perfume name?"
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• China
26 May 09
I love Lancome Magnifique. I love the sweet and pleasant smell. I also love its red glass bottle and I even like its commercial by Anne Hathaway.
@msmargo (362)
• United States
23 May 09
My favorite perfume is Lauren by Ralph Lauren. The scent is to die for and the bottle is very pretty too. It is a reddish brown with a gold crown type cap. It is rather hard to get. I've been wearing it for almost 30 years. I love it.
@lillybee (11)
• Slovak Republic
14 Apr 08
Hi lol_w0w, Thanks for posting your question! I have a few favourites depending on my mood / occasion / or simply their merit (I review fragrances as a hobby) Not in order of preference, they are equally exquisite in their own category: 1. L'Instant - Guerlain 2. Le baiser du Dragon - Cartier 3. Delices - Cartier 4. Magnetism - Escada 5. Nilang - Lalique 6. Tropiques - Lancome 7. Rose Essentielle - Bvlgari 8. The Vert Extreme - Bvlgari 9. Juicy Couture - Juicy Couture 10 Maitresse - Agent Provocateur I have written a review on all these fragrances and they tick all the boxes based on different criteria I devised myself to rate perfumes.
• India
7 Apr 08
there is not like that a such i use different perfume and the costly but the best qualitly what do u use and which do u use
@mgarrija (10)
• Malta
5 Apr 08
Classique by Jean Paul Gaultier, it's a very elegant sexy perfume, and the bottle is very nice. Plus the container it comes with makes it last longer since you can keep the bottle in the dark.
@hh9905 (1275)
• Malaysia
6 Mar 07
Actually, at the moment, my few favourite perfumes are J. Lo Still, Hugo Boss for Women, Dunhill for Women and Moschino. I also used to wear Versace and Kenzo. However, among these, perfumes that i like most are Dior Addict and Miracle by Lancome. Dior Addict is given by my husband as a gift. Anyway, I like these fragrances because they have mild scents, refreshing, and yet sophisticated. It suits my personality, fits my lifestyle and brings out the best of me. I will also look for perfumes that can last the whole day. It's important since i seldom carry perfumes with me all the time.
@Jshean20 (14367)
• Canada
31 Oct 06
Perfume Bottle - Of all perfumes out there, I like Tommy Girl the best.
I like Tommy Girl perfume
@ljoy28 (75)
• United States
31 Oct 06
I used to love a perfume called ici. Don't even know if they still make it.
@Krisss (1231)
• Australia
31 Oct 06
YSL Paris.
@Thewishlady (1046)
• Netherlands
31 Oct 06
I love Harley Davidson for woman!
@micheller (1365)
• United States
31 Oct 06
amber romance from vs.