Intlligent Design

United States
April 5, 2008 4:55am CST
Please, please, please do not post arguments or debates, this is merely a research question. I am working on an argumentative essay for a college class. I chose the debate of evolution vs. intelligent design. I already have a staggering amount of data to process relating to evolution, what I'm looking for is substantial material supporting intelligent design. I am writing on the side of intelligent design, however my thesis is that neither should be taught in public schools, since neither can be completely proven, and both are founded, employed, and defended based on strong personal belief either of the existence of a god or against that existence. Got it? Can anyone help me out here? Thanks a bunch guys, I've already read every thread on this site I could find on the topic. Please allow me to come to my own conclusion, and don't try to force your belief on me.
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