Recycling things

April 5, 2008 12:46pm CST
I was cleaning my room the other day from all the stuff that i have accumulated and found many things that I can recycle. I thought... this is a lot of things I can save money on. Our maid also recycles a lot of cans, bottles and plastics to sell and we give her the money for loading up her cellphone. Once in a while, we also gather up our used clothes to give to the needy in the provinces. A lot of malls now are into recycling to make our world a better place to live in and its also a great way to earn a little money from what we have as waste or don't use that are of value to others. So, how many of you recycle things at their homes?
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• Philippines
6 Apr 08
as an arki student, we always make a miniature model for our design subject. things like specialty paper, boards, sticks, papers, markers and a lot more. i recycle it by using it again for a new project in design. all the cut outs and others. this time i still am recycling things such as selling all the papers that i waste during the time i make my thesis. food i also make sure that i can still eat it even if it just a leftover.
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@lynnchua (3416)
• Singapore
7 Apr 08
I always keeps thing that could recycle in our store and sell it to a recycle collector when they comes to our neighbourhood. Things like plastics, old clothings, newspapers etc....
• Indonesia
7 Apr 08
I always keep the plastic bags for using them again, and when we can no longer use it, we would use the plastic to contain the garbage, and we never buy any trash plastic because of this. Also, when we bought any beverages with bottles, we would always keep the bottles, washed them to reuse them again until we needed a new one. Some biscuits or frozen mantou (I don't know how to explain this food, it was somekind like bread but it was Chinese style) we bought from supermarket also had thin containers made of plastics, and we washed the plastic containers and used them for another purpose like to store some little tools or coins, or paper clips. We also give some old newspapers for some people who would be able to sell them again to recycle. I think this could help them earn for a better life, because they are in need. Sometimes when there were any occasions to give things to the people in need, we would also sort some used clothes or books we no longer read anymore.
@winterose (39918)
• Canada
7 Apr 08
yes I give away my clothes and some if they are too bad to give away I cut them up and make rags out of them for washing counters etc.
@CatsandDogs (13964)
• United States
6 Apr 08
Oh yes we sure do! We'll take things that we no longer use and either sell it in a yard sale or take it to a Goodwill store so they can sell it and make money to help someone else. I like taking my cans to an animal shelter in hopes to give an extra day or two for them to find homes