love or money?

April 5, 2008 5:28pm CST
what do you prioritize? love or money? what if you need to choose between love and money, what do you choose.
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• Pakistan
9 Apr 08
I would like to choose the love. But it is not easy to get your love with out money. A poor person has no right to get any thing. Beautiful people of the world like money. Money is their weakness. The person who has money is a power full in every field of life. Every weak tends and bends to powerful. Therefore my first priority is money. I want to become rich first and after then I feel myself eligible of love affaires. Any one wants to be in some one’s eyes and heart he should omit the zero of poverty written against his or her name first. Because lovers need bank balance, car, and buildings. Intelligence and beauty can also be considered as money in case of love. Nothing is free. Love could also be purchased with power of money.
• United States
7 Apr 08
LOVE OR MONEY, my choice would be Love, Money doesnt really exist, it is really a illusion, (tree exact). It is a fact that more money u have the better life u live, food u eat, car u can drive, money can also bring u pain, suffering, family distress, people who u think are your friends turn out to be the devil instead, To be in Love or to have Love around u, nothing like it, that feeling that just comes up at no time at all, that true feeling of love, there isnt anything that can place it, for with out that love, we are sick, blue, cant eat, so having all the money in the world means nothing if true love isnt there
@HyugaN (50)
• Brazil
6 Apr 08
I prefer money ate because if you have money and not hard to found a "love", but if a person who really worth having a pity love the most.
• China
6 Apr 08
i like the money ,but i need the love more.we need the money in the society.if we have no money ,we will not take the bus.if we have no money,we will be hungry to die...but the love is necessary to us,if we don't have love ,we will not be happy,we will to be only a working machine . i believe the love you have more,the money you will earn much ,too.
@n30wing (4771)
• Philippines
6 Apr 08
Hello! In heaven I can't bring my wealth or money. Not all the time is money that you can share with people. It's you! Money is vey easy to find and not the people who will love you and accept you for what you are. Money is easy to find you just work hard your earn it. Have a nice day!
@lilaclady (28240)
• Australia
5 Apr 08
So long as I had enough money to be comfortable I would choose love rather than more money than I really need. Money is nothing like love.