today.was.horrible. [[aaron's birthday]]

United States
April 5, 2008 6:16pm CST
today was horrible.. it's aaron's birthday. this morning charity, her husband, his dad, aaron, and autumn came over to celebrate aaron's birthday. now, my family is crazy. nothing stays traditional like i want it to. we all lose touch. and they all talk about each other behind their backs and act all lovey to their faces. it pisses me off. when chasity walked out of the house, charity and mom started dissing her and her kids. when charity left to go home, mom and chasity started talking bad about her and her family. my family is crazy. charity has been married for 2 months and she has her 2 yr old daughter and 4 yr old son calling him daddy. she doesn't claim their real dad as their dad. all she wants out of him is money, she says he doesn't care about his kids because he doesn't give her money. it's really stupid. my family makes no sense at all. i didn't want to make this into a bad day but i knew it was going to be because whenever my family gets together it always is horrible.
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