I miss my siblings...

@chechuva (1276)
April 6, 2008 4:46am CST
I'm the youngest among my siblings.. my brother and sister are already married and they have their own children. i just miss my siblings. i miss chatting with them about things. i miss laughing and fighting with them. i miss fighting with them just because of computer, telephone, cellphone, household chores...
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• Singapore
4 Jul 08
it's all part of growing up... i'm the oldest in my family. so i guess i would be the 1st one to leave the family.. i'm one of the many 6 children in the family.. i've been through having many new family being added into the house... what an trying to say is.. you just need some adjustment.. if not, i'm pretty sure your siblings miss you too.. maybe you should make the frist step and contact them more often... your family maybe walking distance away, or even in another country.. but family would always be family... they'll miss you
7 Apr 08
you are not alone girl...!I miss my siblings as much as you do..especially that one of my sisters just got married and I'm the only one not present..good thing there's this internet and phones..so make the most out of it when you are with them..
@checapricorn (16066)
• United States
6 Apr 08
Thats life dear. You will just get to used on it.But, if they are just near from where you are, you can visit them and best is you can volunteer by watching their kids..lol..In that case, you can still interact with them and the bonding will never be affected by their new life!
@MGjhaud (20861)
• Philippines
6 Apr 08
I also miss my siblings. I have two brothers who are now married. They're living close to home and I only happen to see them once I visit my parents. My other sibling which is my only sister is staying out of town. We rarely get together because she only visits town at least once in a year. We gathered early this year in my parent's house and everybody's like missing everybody and we laways talk to each other that by then we're complete. It's so rare when the family's complete. There's always one or two missing hehehe..
• China
6 Apr 08
i just have the same feeling,,,i'm the only girl in my family but i have many cousins...years ago we were always playing together with enjoyment and we often chat with one another freely and smoothly...but as time goes by most of them are all married and even have their own children, so it's pity that we usually can't find an opportunity to talk to each other about our secrets as before...i miss those days also coz that's really fun...that's normal, we are the same.