Can anyone tell me why I can't install Adobe Photoshop 3.0 with Windows Vista?

April 6, 2008 7:43am CST
This is just one of the many problems I encoutered since I acquired PC and use Windows Vista. There are many softwares that I can't install like Adobe Photoshop 3.0. It says in the software kit that it's Windows 2000/XP compatible, so i assume that since Windows Vista is a newer and latest version of operating system, it won't be a problem uploading this. But it wasn't installed to my PC. Why? Do I need to wait for the upgraded version of Adobe Photoshop for it to be compatible with Windows Vista? I am thinking to revert back to Windows XP.
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• Australia
7 Apr 08
Unfortunately vista only supports Vista compatible programs so please check for the Vista sticker of compatibility. Johnny123
13 Sep 08
that would be nice if you bought the software after buying the computer. I was forced to buy a new computer as my xp os computer crashed. I am unable to install Pagemaker 7.0 and there are no upgrades avaiable. Computers are sold exclusively with the vista os. Checking the compatablility is useless today. M fink
@Stif_11 (49)
• Philippines
19 Apr 08
yeas it's true because as far as i red their are still programs that are not supported by 64 bit/vista
• United States
10 Apr 08
Vista will not support alot of older programs and hardware at this time(MAYBE in the future, but don't hold your breath!) I doubt Adobe has an update available to make it work, but you could check. Most likely your only option will be to update it to the latest version :(
@sahyd2don (2946)
• India
6 Apr 08
Have you tried installing the software yourself ....yeh the software in not compatible with the operating system that could be one reason....There are many softwares which dosnt support windows vista there must be un upgraded version of adobe photoshop in the market or on internet for windows vista...