did you made a promise,and then broke it?

April 6, 2008 9:51am CST
have you ever tried to commit your self to a friend to help them in their thesis after they help you in making your thesis? 'well, in our department it is a custom that we help each other out during making our individual thesis, the last deliberator will help the first, and the first will help the next and so on. but the sad thing is that, they help me with my thesis, well not all of them though. but then i never got a chance push my self to help them back. and worse is that i did promise to help them. but, i am very tired and exhuasted i can't barely stand straight after my deliberation. and so i never had a chance to help anybody. and then i feel guilty about it because some of them failed due to incompleteness. you what can you say, have you ever done it?
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