When You Friends Need Advice...

United States
April 6, 2008 10:00am CST
Do You Give It To Them Without Reservations About Being Judged Or Ridiculed? Do You Try And Say A Few Words Of Encouragement And The Just Sit Back And Hold Your Tongue To See How They Handle Things? Are They Dependent On You For All Advice, Hanging On Every Word Or Just Every Now And Then?
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@chiyosan (30205)
• Philippines
9 Apr 08
friends do come to me at times, and sometimes even my team members having problems with family, etc. i would listen to them first and would ask them if it is okay for me to say anything i view about the situation. if they said yes, and they would want my advice, i will say whatever i know that can help lighten up his mind, and or the situation. of course it is his own prerogative on whether to listen to me or not. but of course i try not to say hurtful things, like it was his fault why he got into the sitatuon, etc... i remember my team would always seek my advice cause they know i do say what i think is the problem and will help them think of ways to get over everything they are in.
@sunkissed (4332)
• United States
7 Apr 08
Yes, I do give my friends advise when they request it.After all this is what friends are for. We are here for one another to help each other to work through our problems. It is much easier when you have someone that cares about you, to help you work through things.We do not judge one another or ridicule each other. I give my advice, but when it is all said and done, it is up to my friend to decide for them selves how they will handle that situation.
• India
7 Apr 08
i am one fo those friends that people call when they're in some sort of a trouble.i feel i have become their official agony aunt.it could be because for thr ways i have towards each problems.i let my friends pour out as much as tehy can and depending on what they want the solution to be i give them their advice.i try and be partial and look at things with an out of the box approach.i just be there when they need me!
6 Apr 08
i advice my friends in lot of things but i dont want them to be completely dependent on me and i want them to rely on themselves in all the situations so that hey feel the responsibility
@tessah (6621)
• United States
6 Apr 08
i think if i sat back.. knowing something bad was going to happen, and saidnothing so i could just watch the fallout.. itd make me not only a horrible person, but not a friend at all. and if a "friend" of mine did the same to me, i wouldnt keep them in my life. i depend on my friends to slap me around when i get out of line, and they expect it from me as well. a "friend" isnt someone who sits back.. a friend is someone thatll clock you in the mouth if necessary and not be afraid to do so.