On seeing a poor...

April 6, 2008 11:26am CST
W.H.Davies said that the person is selfish if he doesn't help the poor even he has an ability to help them. I have seen a beggar begging across an overbridge. He is a person of no legs and having only one hand. He is looking like a a patient of 'plague'. My heart feeled so nervous that I have given all the money that I have. After a little time I checked my pockets that are empty. For travel charges, I have borrowed money from my friend. Have you ever seen a poor? What are your feelings when you have seen them? Have you feel helpful to them? Can politeness come over the way of helping the poor? W.Herbert has advised us that not to feel guilty while helping. So, overcome the fear, that you have when helping, to help them. -THERESA
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6 Apr 08
I truely hate seeing poor people as it is a reminder of how horrible our world really is. I always try and help by giving whatever change I have to the homeless person. But the worst thing is when you're in a city you end up seeing much more homeless people and you can't do anything as you've given away all you can. When this happens to me i genuinely feel horrible.