first time....

April 6, 2008 1:36pm CST
there are so many "first" in life....first walk, first smile, first laugh, first day of school, first party, and all the first you could think of.... but how many of it do we remember? how much of it do we treasure? does it really matter? does it really bring us any good that we keep on remembering it? no matter what it is, here is a list of the "firsts" that i can remember now....and in some way or another, i learned something from it... 1. first memory of going to school my first memory of school is that i was clinging on to my mom and wouldn't want to let go of her hand...according to my records, i attended kindergarten, i was 5 years old then....not a big girl yet so i have an excuse.... 2. first step into the big school kindergarten was spent in a private community school around our step was into the big school- where there are a lot more students...this time it's not just for small's for everyone....or so it seems on my mind at that time... i was feeling a little bit too crowded...with so many people taller than me...i couldn't help but feel so small.... 3. first holy communion as a catholic, there is an elaborate preparation before we are allowed to receive the Body of Christ in the Eucharist....i remember this particularly because of how well our teacher explained this to us and how well they prepared us...we even knelt at the same time- and there are more than 100 first communicants at that time! 4. first party i have pictures of myself for each party i've had for my birthdays but i don't remember any except for my 7th birthday party...i remember it clearly because i was so sick on that day... but just like what they say in showbusiness- the show must go on! 5. first airplane ride i have always been fascinated by think that people was able to make a piece of metal fly into the sky is just awesome for me.... thus, when i was able to step into one, i was so amazed... but the experience turned sour, we experienced a lot of turbulence making our ride so dizzying. there are so many firsts in our life.... i would want to share more but it would be a long read for you....why don't you share yours so that we'll have a collection of firsts....
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@cvrmom (181)
• United States
6 Apr 08
Not a good first, but I distinctly remember my first migraine. I had just had my first baby and they did a spinal. I got nauseous after the birth and thought I was going to throw up. The nurse had helped me to partly sit up which is a big no no. I had daily migraines for 2 months after that.
• Philippines
6 Apr 08
sometimes bad firsts are connected to good firsts...just like what you shared...bad first was when you had the first migraine but a good first is connected to that....the birth of your first child....
@itsmepinky (1301)
• India
6 Apr 08
That is indeed a walk down the memory lane. Thanx ~pinks~