Epic songs

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April 6, 2008 5:26pm CST
What songs make you feel just epic, really bada&*. ive been retro all day listening to bon jovis wanted dead or alive. IM A COWBOY ON A STEEL HORSE I RIDE. IM WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE *WHAMMYS* what about you?
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6 Apr 08
If we are talking Bon Jovi songs, then I would have to say "Blaze of Glory", from the opening riffs right through this is an absolute classic. For me, what makes it great is the fact that it tells a story. That's it, have to go and put it on right now. .... "wake up in the morning ..." :)
6 Apr 08
Another recommended Epic which tells a story is Aerosmith's "Don't Want to Miss a Thing", used in the film Armageddon. Such a great ballad from such a class rock band. Every time I hear it I think of my husband, and am so thankful that I have him.
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6 Apr 08
That was one of the greatest songs ever recorded by them. song made that movie sadder than it already was lol. loved it though