What little things do you do each day that help the environment?

@dandj929 (424)
United States
April 6, 2008 7:32pm CST
Today I was pondering if all the little things I do throughout the day to help the environment are really helping. Then I thought that if every person/family did just a couple of little things each day it would make a huge difference. Here are some things that I/my family do each day: ~We use energy efficient lightbulbs ~Turn off lights when we are not in a room ~Use reusable shopping bags ~Recycle all recyclable items ~Hang things out to dry on nice days ~Wash our clothes in only cold water ~Use earth friendly cleaning products ~Use Freecycle.org to find items for our home instead of buying new items. ~Offer items on Freecycle.org instead of bringing them to the dump. ~Purchase organic groceries ~Keep our thermostat lower in the winter So tell me, what do you and or your family do to help the environment every day? This could be a great way to share ideas with others!
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@leeapollo (611)
• China
10 Apr 08
thanks for your questions dandj929.I do care for the environment so thank you for you question first. I can clearly feel that the environment nowdays is much worse than twenty years ago. So I decide to do something good for the environment. I usually use my own bag to go shopping.I don't use plastic bags. I turn the light off when I left the room. I take bus to school and sometimes go to school by bike. I use the water which was used by washing the fruits and vegs to water the flowers. I also wash my cloth in cold water too,I think most people would wash thier cloth in cold water. I seldom use the air condition in summer. I use the paper both sides. I plant one tree every year. I use the battery which can recharge. I usually talk with my friend about the envirnment and let them do the good things with me....... so if we can do it together ,the earth can be more health.
@dandj929 (424)
• United States
10 Apr 08
Thank you for sharing!!
15 May 08
everyday i use to water the trees which i had grown and i use to avoid plastic as much as i can and and i also use bas made of papers and i avoid using bulbs and i use tube lamp and i use cycle for most of my purposes which is more economical for me too...