Psychic dreams

April 6, 2008 11:33pm CST
Is there a particular name for dreaming things other people are, at that moment, seeing/experiencing? I have had a few dreams that I am positive are like this and probably quite a few I do not even realize are these types of dreams. Here's three of them: A Mexican girl was dancing on a beach by the ocean when a shark came out of the water and got her. Simple enough dream. Next day I heard on the news that a girl was killed by a shark in the Gulf of Mexico. My sister phoned me one morning and woke me. Before I could even say hello, I asked her where such and such place was in a neighboring town. I do not remember what I was dreaming before my sister woke me. A day later a boy who was missing from this town for a long time's body was found very near the location I asked my sister about. I was standing on a porch looking across a road. The grass and trees where very green - quite a beautiful place. Then tiny little tornados came swirling along the road past me. The next day I heard about a town nearly wiped out by tornados and checked the news on the internet. On one site I found a picture of the exact location I was in my dream. What are these dreams? Am I seeing things from people before they die or after they've died? Or maybe they don't have to die - maybe their subconcious is crying out for someone to help them? These dreams do not bother me. Sure I feel bad that lives are lost but the dreams really intrigue me.
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@casita (237)
• United States
7 Apr 08
I believe that dream is really more like astral travel. . . . or an OBE. . .The person dreaming is actually there at the their spirit self. There are prophetic dreams, too. These are dreams that inform you of things to come.
@nelerkz (467)
• Philippines
25 Nov 12
I agreed CAsita!!
@skydancer (1988)
• United States
10 Apr 08
Once I had a dream in which I was trying to diagnose this solid mass in my stomach and then the very next morning, I received an e-mail from a friend telling me she had recently had an ovarian cyst removed. Definitely a strangely prophetic dream indeed. That is the only strangely prophetic dream I have had that I can recall. I do not have any solid evidence that these dreams play any role in seeing into our futures (though others may see differently), however, amazingly a lot of those dream interpretations come out surprisingly accurate in describing aspects of my personality and my approach to life... I am not sure why but there is an argument out there that what is on our minds does affect what we see in our dreams, and I can definitely see a correlation there as dreams are essentially our state of mind while sleeping.
@Tetchie (2933)
• Australia
8 Apr 08
OBE is akin to Astral Travelling and is different to dream states. If you have consciousness in your dream states and can then choose to move in and out of those states then it is akin to Astral Travelling. We Astral Travel every night in our sleep but are not conscious of it. When you become conscious of AT, then you can see the difference. Consciousness is the key to these states, meaning you need to be as conscious of your sleep state as you are in your waking state. The dream state is more difficult to understand and meanings can differ depending on the dream. You are basically tapping into different states of consciousness. It's not a coincidental state of consciousness if you are continuing to tap into these spaces during the night. As a rule of thumb in most dreams it pays to apply the scene to your own life first and see what it means to you. However, what you seem to be experiencing is similar to what are called psychic dreams or premenitory dreams. Different though to prophetic dreams.
@sisco100 (2345)
• United States
7 Apr 08
there might be but as far as i know i dont know wht its call, but the name u gave it works. i wana find out now so if i find out i'll tell u, cuz i have dreams like tht but mine are more of things to come.