Do you sing or chant when you cook?

April 7, 2008 5:05am CST
Did you know about Dr Emoto and his wonderful water crystal experiments which have under gone stringent scientific research.He explains and proves that when water is subjected to negative energy, this can be words, thoughts, actions, that the water will be effected by the negative vibes that are around it. This is the same theory in Ayurvedic cooking, I was trained by a Swammini Vedic monk who also believed that water and in fact all substance is effected by negative energy. So can you imagine what negative energy is put into your cooking if you have had an argument and are 'stewing over it', excuse the pun. One of the great ways to add loving positive energy into you food is to sing or chant as you cook, its fun and benificial. Try it and see if your food tastes better. Ignore the comments from family and freinds or even better get them to join it!!
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@brimia (6584)
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7 Apr 08
I have heard about positive energy even in the way you cut vegetables. I guess singing couldn't hurt!
7 Apr 08
Yes there are some very special ways in which you can cut and prepare food to increase the energy and taste in the food. One of the simplist ways to cut food is to follow the grain of the way it grows. There is often a 'life line' running through food - we are talking about veg and fruit. So singing/chanting and cutting and prepaing correctly is just a great way to add potent 'life force' into the taste.