yosakoi! any japanese here can tell me the meaning of this dance?

April 7, 2008 8:13am CST
Yesterday ,I joined to "sakura festival" in Hanoi(vietnam) and it was the first time I see the Yosakoi .But I don't know the meaning of this dance.Any japanese here can tell me the meaning of this dance ,I like this very much ?.
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• United States
7 Apr 08
"Yosakoi" pronounced "yooz a koi" is an interpretive traditional east-Asian dance dedicated to nature and fish, predominantly one specific type of koi. There are over ten billion types of these dances, each dedicated to a different type of fish. You are considered literate if you can memorize roughly 20.000 of them. Be sure you do so, as you will not be allowed into Japan unless you can pass spontaneous pop quizzes about them while you are there. Quizzes about interpretive dances are given to tourists randomly in their daily visitation routines, and they can expect to walk unknowingly into holes, be stalked by gangs dressed as Count Chocula, and any other sort of disorienting elements in order to be qualified as an outsider.
• Vietnam
7 Apr 08
thankx for response .But I think there are some mistake in ur statement , are there over 10 bilion types of these dances? a great number .At the begining of festival,I saw some children dance like fishmans ,but after that ,I saw some dancers dance with flags and the others with a tool in hand (I don't know its name) .But I like this dance ,so interesting .