Wings of Terror

United States
April 7, 2008 8:19am CST
I promised after my ability of being able to cut and paste I would post my poetry....All my poetry is copyrighted.... Wings of Terror The court room filled, as the case was to be presented. Lives were on the line, by those that represented. Discussions, trials, battle of wits, judges heard. As the battle of words went on, arguments absurd. Lives will be affected, by what was said today. As men will die, the final freedom taken away. With a small touch of hope, sitting on the step. As in the courtroom, no one wept. Wrong place, wrong time. What does it matter? It’s not your life on the line. To tell the truth, with lies to tell. There is nothing in the future, so sit back a spell. For time shall allow all to see, those freedoms are truly not free. Men upon the line of fire, with one to defend them. No matter the lies told, in the end they all blend. Pain in the hearts that listened, but not for the right reasons. Did they not hear? These men created their own treason. Yet they deserve the diligent fight, someone to speak eloquently. To stand for their rights, present for all to see. No matter what they did wrong, no matter the reason. Should their death sonnet, be sung this season? Who are we to decide? When they were wronged too? How could you know? Were you in their shoes? They live a different world, That we can’t believe. That does not mean, they don’t have dreams to achieve. Family, life, true beliefs. Perhaps this sentence, is a relief. For all involved, in this twisted mess. Perhaps the direction, was for the best. Yet when you look, to see the person. You must truly think, of who you are hurting. Defense, a word, so softly spoken. Yet with weak words, their lives are now broken. Perhaps the wings will come to them. Perhaps finally they will find peace, complete, their end, in utter defeat...
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