Yes Drill Sgt Sir....

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April 7, 2008 8:42am CST
This is my baby, I am so proud of it..... Yes Drill Sgt Sir….. Cadence call. Yes Drill Sergeant sir. Cadence... Call... Let them know you. Your left, your left, your left, right,left. Rock to the sound, the sound of the beat. The heart. The street, the beat of your feet, on the pavement that cries. As the blood shall spill. How many, how many more do we kill? Yes, Drill Sergeant Sir. Can you hear the sound of the cadence? The cadence call? Your left, your left, your left, right, left. To the sand to play I must go. Your left, your left. You get the drill stand in line. Grab the gun, walk with me under, under the sun. Your left, right left, The packs are heavy, as salt falls on my eyes. It is better than those at home, tears are more their size;for they know not of the Cadence call that draws my feet neigh. Your left, your left. Rise you from the slumber, as you set your mind at ease. To sit at home under a tree, if only to feel the breeze. Your left, right left. Blood for oil, oil for blood. What does it matter? Sand and liquid make mud. Come fight your own dam war, you leaders of men. Fuuk you! I want to go home again, your left, your left I got a daughter I used to kiss to sleep. What the heell, what the heell do you have to keep? Heell what was that as the flash in the air? Lights fill the night with a second blink to spare. Your left, right, left. As the piercing slides right in. I stair and see it is the same man staring back at me. The cadence upon our lips. Your left, right, left. All I can think. As the chopper comes down. Taking both of us, Even though our sides are not of the same ground "You Basturds!"My mind yells. "You psychedelic hores."You send us to fight your God Dammed bloody wars. While sitting in your cushy homes Families sitting near by I said the man beside me as we heard the cadence called. "Please Mr. Commanders in Chief We, as all Nations, can we have some more? For after all aren’t all sides fighting for the Dichotomy of War?"As he nodded in agreement, the only difference between us two Were the different books of faith we knew. Your left, your left your left, right, left. Copyrighted 2008 Aingealicia
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7 Apr 08
thats real good, i wonder how many of the soldiers actually think like this
• United States
8 Apr 08
Me too my friend, me to. Thanks for reading. Ainge